Last Update Date: 04 October 2023

1. Parties

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "User Agreement"), Erdemler GYO construction information industry and trade limited company registered in Istanbul (hereinafter referred to as '') and the person using the website (hereinafter referred to as the "User") in electronic environment and entered into force.

2. Definitions

Interface: It refers to the web pages that give commands to the computer program to perform all kinds of operations that can be done on the Website, including the content created by for the Users to view and query the Database. Services: refers to the styling and consultancy services offered by to users through's corporate account. Personal Data: It means all kinds of information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. User: Refers to the natural persons who benefit from the services offered on the Website. KVKK: Refers to the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. Force Majeure: Including, but not limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system improvement or renewal works and malfunctions that may occur due to this, power outage and bad weather conditions. It refers to events that cannot be controlled in an appropriate way and whose effects cannot be avoided despite reasonable efforts. Database: It refers to the database protected in accordance with the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works belonging to, where the contents of the Website are stored, classified, queried and accessed. Website: Refers to the website where offers its Services, consisting of the domain name and the subdomains connected to this domain name.

3. Subject and Scope of the User Agreement

The subject of this User Agreement is the terms of the User to benefit from the Services offered on the Website and the determination of the rights and obligations of the Parties. All warnings, notifications, applications and explanations made by regarding the use and Services contained in the User Agreement and the Website are within the scope of the User Agreement. These terms will enable you to use the service and features offered by us. If you are using our service as a commercial business, remember that the transactions you make are binding on your business. By downloading or using our service through our website, you expressly signify your acceptance of these Terms. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not use our service. You accept that the contact information you share with us while creating your profile can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

4. User Terms

4.1. In order to become a user, it is necessary to be of age and not be suspended or banned from membership indefinitely by within the scope of this User Agreement. Users will choose their own likes and fill out a quiz, form or survey to get estimated color tones and style suggestions that suit them. The style recommendations and suggestions comments on our website and application are purely for entertainment purposes. They cannot be interpreted and used in any way for the purpose of influencing, directing or guiding the future lives of users, the decisions they will make in terms of their lives, any decisions or choices or preferences.

4.2. After the User fills out the form and registers on the Website, the User gains the right and authority with the approval of this application by The User's application may be rejected by without any reason or the User may be requested to fulfill additional terms and conditions.

4.3 may unilaterally terminate this User Agreement, terminate the User's membership or suspend the membership at any time, without giving any reason and without giving any notice to the User and without paying any compensation under any name. Any subsequent application of the User whose membership has expired for any reason may be rejected by

5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

5.1 User's Rights and Obligations

5.1.1. The User accepts and undertakes that he/she will act in accordance with the rules and conditions specified in this agreement, all applicable legislation, morality and goodwill, and that he/she understands and approves all the terms and rules published on the Website with the User Agreement regulations.

5.1.2. The user is entirely responsible for the security, use, and storage of the user information and password used to login to the membership account, and keeping it away from the information of third parties. The User is fully responsible for the consequences of the use of the means of access to the system by a third party, and is not obliged to identify the persons who make such illegal uses. The User is responsible for any material and moral damages that other Users and/or and/or third parties may suffer or suffer due to the User's negligence or fault in this regard. If the user learns that his password has been compromised by others, he is obliged to notify immediately.

5.1.3. If the User whose membership has been canceled or suspended for any reason, opens a new membership account with different membership information in order to register on the Website and this situation is determined by, cancels the User's membership without giving any reason.

5.1.4. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that the information and content provided by him within the Web Site, both in correspondence and during the appointment, are correct, up-to-date and in accordance with the law.,'s employees and managers are not liable and responsible for investigating the accuracy, authenticity and up-to-dateness of the information and content transmitted by the User, and they are not responsible for any damages that may arise due to inaccurate or inaccurate information.

5.1.5. While benefiting from the services offered on the Website, the User can only take action within the Website for lawful purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility of the user in every transaction and action within the application belongs to him.

5.1.6. The User, through the Website, is unlawful, threatening, libelous, obscene, harassing or offensive; encouraging illegal activities; It is strictly prohibited to transmit discriminatory messages that support acts of violence, based on race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other unlawful act. may terminate the membership of the User who enters the message content in this way without any notice.

5.1.7. After approving the User Agreement, the User declares and undertakes that he/she is over the age of 18 within the scope of this agreement. If it is determined that the user is under the age of 18 at the time of registration on the Website and the membership is approved by; may unilaterally terminate the respective User's contract. In this case, the User accepts, declares and undertakes that he has no right of objection and that he has no right to claim, including material or moral compensation.'s Rights and Obligations

5.2.1. accepts, declares and undertakes to perform the Services within the conditions specified in this User Agreement, to establish and operate the technological infrastructure necessary for the provision of the Services. The obligation to establish the technological infrastructure specified in this article does not mean an unlimited and complete service commitment. may, when necessary, limit or stop access to the Website without any notice, if the operational security of the network is in danger, in order to prevent malfunctions that may occur in the network, software or files, to prevent possible disruptions or to reduce its effect, and in other cases where it deems necessary.

6. Privacy

6.1. Personal Data entered on the Website by the User himself is processed by within the scope of the User Agreement and within the conditions stipulated in accordance with the KVKK and the relevant secondary legislation (subject to the obligation of clarification and, if necessary, based on the explicit consent of the Member). For detailed information on the Protection of Personal Data, please visit []. may make changes to the policies and related texts on the Protection of Personal Data published on the Website at any time. Changes become effective as soon as they are posted on the Website. The user is obliged to follow such changes and cannot make any requests from regarding such changes.

6.2. The contents, test results, name, surname, e-mail and age of the messages sent by the users to the style consultants on the Website are stored by in order to provide better service to the users. For detailed information on the Protection of Personal Data, please visit the [] page.

6.3., to keep personal data confidential in accordance with KVKK, to consider it a confidentiality obligation; declares and undertakes to take all necessary measures and to show due diligence to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of all or part of confidential information to a third party and to ensure and maintain confidentiality.

7. Other Provisions

7.1.Changes. may, at its sole discretion and unilaterally, change this User Agreement at any time it deems appropriate by posting it on the Website. The changed provisions of this User Agreement will become valid on the date of their publication on the Website, and the remaining provisions will remain in effect and continue to have its terms and consequences. This User Agreement cannot be changed by the unilateral declarations of the User.

7.2. Intellectual Property Rights. The User acknowledges that owns all intellectual property rights regarding the Website. This User Agreement does not grant the User any rights or licenses regarding the Website, such as copyright, database rights, trade secrets, trade names, trademarks (registered or not), designs, patents, utility models. Without the written permission of, the whole or any part of the Website and / or any data in its content may be copied, reproduced, transmitted to the public, distributed, published, used, directly use, copy, lease, lend, modify, store, upload, post, distribute, transmit, republish, display, adapt, process, represent, commercially or indirectly, exactly or otherwise holding, selling, or encouraging or facilitating the above-mentioned acts is strictly prohibited. Our Services and related articles, images, photos, videos, illustrations, brands, patents, brand names, page titles, icons, service marks, logos, slogans, filters and other content (collectively “ Content”) are the property of Styleup. and intellectual property rights are protected by legal texts. Using our services does not mean that you own any intellectual property rights in our services. The rights of or our licensors over content and the application are reserved. At, we grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to personally use the Services and their content. However, this right gives you (a) the right to sell, resell, commercial use; (b) the right to copy, remake and otherwise make available to the public unless we have an agreement to the contrary; (c) the right to obtain data by data mining, robots or any other means; or (d) use services and content other than as set forth in these Terms. Except as set forth in these Terms, the use of services and content is strictly prohibited without our written consent, and in such a case, the license/use right granted to you by these Terms terminates.

7.3. Force Majeure. Although tries to fulfill any of its obligations in this User Agreement in good faith, in a timely manner and in accordance with the User Agreement, if it delays due to a Force Majeure or does not fulfill it at all, it will not be deemed to be in default and the time of performance will be postponed for the duration of the said Force Majeure. . The user will not claim any compensation from for these situations.

7.4. Transfer and Assignment. The user cannot transfer or assign this User Agreement or its rights and obligations under the User Agreement, in whole or in part, to any third party without the written consent of

7.5. Applicable Law and Authority. In the implementation and interpretation of this User Agreement, Turkish Law will be applied, excluding the Turkish conflict of laws rules.

7.6. Validity of the Records. The user, in case of disputes that may arise from this User Agreement, shall declare that the electronic records and commercial books kept by in the Database and its servers shall constitute valid, binding, definitive and exclusive evidence and that this article is in the nature of an evidential contract regulated in Article 193/1 of the HMK. It irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes in advance and with consent.

7.7. Enforcement. This User Agreement has entered into force by being concluded in electronic environment with the electronic consent of the User. The invalidity, illegality or non-applicability of any provision of this User Agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the User Agreement.

7.8. Third Party Content . Our Services may contain links to content provided by third party websites and services. The contents, websites and services of these third parties may be subject to the terms of the third parties. The application is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of the contents, websites or services of such third parties.

7.9. Change in conditions. may amend these Terms at any time to ensure that the provisions of the Terms are valid and enforceable, not unlawful. Since these Terms are binding on you as a user, please visit this page from time to time to be informed of changes.

If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us at support.